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Client Testimonials


I'm very happy to have hired Joshua for this project. He took the time to understand my needs and expectations and then went above and beyond, gathering information from resources I didn't know existed and presenting his findings in a clear, well organized format. I would definitely hire him again in the future.

Elizabeth Sheehan-Webster


He has the flexibility to adapt to the situations at hand and comes to the table with common sense and patience. He has a keen ability to really listen to people and their perspectives. He has mastered the ability to work under pressure and is very thorough and organized in his approach

Stephen Beer

The Little Red Lighthouse and the GWB

Joshua Bentley gets it! He does more than spit up numbers. I have gone to him with specific questions and he has always come back to me with thorough analysis (and not always what i want to hear)

Josh listens! In a world filled with Spinners, it is refreshing to go to someone who doesn't need to hear himself talk. He has integrity mixed with his smarts.

Steve Feder


I recruited Joshua to help with a data dig for my company to look for opportunities. He excelled and helped the company develop a for the future.

Susan Fox

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